Simple Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Your choice of kitchen floor will depend upon the style and look you wish to achieve in the room. There are certain flooring options that are more popular than others, but that doesn’t mean that you have to fall in line. Here are a few different kitchen flooring ideas to consider.

Wood Flooring for the Kitchen

Wood floors are very common in kitchens. In fact, wood floors are definitely one of the most popular types of flooring options available. There are several different types of wood that you can choose for your floor.

Whether you stick with a basic pine slat or get a little trendier and environmentally conscience and choose a bamboo wood floor the warmth of wood adds character to the space. The color and type of the wood you choose will depend on your kitchen’s style and theme.

Tile Flooring; Timeless and Tastefulhttp://www.seease.infoAnother very popular type of flooring for the kitchen is tile. There are so many different options from different colors and designs to a variety of materials for your tile floor. Pick from plain tile floors, ones that are laid out in a design and others that resemble stone or are decorative.

Both ceramic and porcelain tile require little maintenance and are resistant to stains and scratches. You do need to exercise some caution not to drop anything upon your tiles, though, since they are prone to cracking.

Laminate Flooring in the Kitchen

A less expensive choice for the kitchen floor is laminate. You may be surprised at just how many options you have to choose from when it comes to the new laminate flooring. Laminate floors that look like wood floors and can easily pass for a real genuine wood floor are very popular.

There are laminate floors that look like tile as well as plain laminate floors that are very simple but can fit in perfect to play down a visually striking kitchen. Many people choose laminate floors because they can be installed easily and cost much less than a tile or real wood floor.

Concrete Floor in the Kitchen

Not many people may think of a concrete floor for the kitchen but they are becoming increasingly popular. A concrete floor designed for the kitchen is different than a regular concrete floor. These are decorative and stained concrete floors that can have patterns and color incorporated into their matrix. Concrete floors are very durable and are also very reasonable when compared to real wood floors.http://www.seease.infoVinyl for a Kitchen Floor

Another inexpensive flooring option is vinyl tile or sheet. Some people think of old kitchens when it comes to vinyl but vinyl has come a long way from the old linoleum floors of the past. Patterns, colors and designs have taken over the market, bringing style and beauty to any kitchen.

The best thing about vinyl is that you can really save money and install the floor yourself. A vinyl tile floor can make a clear statement or be a quiet, calming addition to your kitchen. It is up to you what type of vinyl tile you choose as there are thousands of options.

These are just some of the flooring options that you have for your kitchen. Once you have narrowed down you selection, you should go and look to see what is available locally. It may just surprise you to see how many options you really have.

Great Hardwood Floor Ideas

Here are our ideas about hardwood floors. First of all don’t underestimate the power of a hardwood floor in your house to improve it. Like a fine piece of furniture, wood flooring increases in value and becomes more beautiful with time. In a national survey, 90 percent of real estate agents said that houses with wood flooring sell faster and for more money.

Unlike many floor coverings, wood floors can last the lifetime of the building in which they are installed. Home owners who want them to last that long, however, should note the number one enemy of a hardwood floor: moisture. Wood floors naturally expand when moisture is present and shrink when it is not. Whether the reactions are a problem or not depends on the severity of the situation. So, do make sure that you maintain your house well and be sure to avoid damp occurring in the area of you very special wood floor.http://www.seease.infoIf you have recently moved into an old house with hardwood floors throughout you may find that the only problem is that they are old and that they really should be refinished. But, if you cannot immediately find the time and/or money to do that there are water-based clear finishes that will make it glossy again. If you are going to sand and re-finish later, then this might be something to consider. One coat will ‘get you by’ for now.

If with your hard wood floor you want the perfect floor to complement your original style and unique taste. Whether you’re searching for something in particular or waiting to be stunned by he look of you house. We suggest that many people do like Bruce Hardwood floors. They offer premium hardwood flooring designed to keep up with your family’s lifestyle. Bruce says that it offers the largest selection of colors and styles in wood flooring, and that these are virtually care-free finishes and come with their assurance of quality.

Hardwood floors are readily available from other manufacturers as well that are incredibly beautiful, highly durable and extremely affordable. And as an added bonus, they’re natural and safe for the environment.

Hardwood Floors is also the name of an official magazine of the NWFA. It is distributed free of charge to NWFA members and other qualified wood flooring professionals upon request. We understand that it is the only magazine serving the hardwood flooring industry exclusively. It is published seven times a year, and is sent to more than 24,000 hardwood flooring professionals throughout the world, including contractors, dealers, distributors, manufacturers, builders, architects and other industry professionals.http://www.seease.infoIt includes an annual Resource Book which they say is the ultimate guide to companies and products in the wood flooring industry. A searchable version of the Resource Book is available online.

Embarking on the search for just the right flooring for your home can become daunting. But if you want hardwood flooring ideas just think of plush, luxurious carpets in thousands of hues and patterns. Consider the hand crafted beauty of exotic and domestic hard woods in hand-scraped, distressed and smooth surfaces. There’s also the diverse styles and durability of laminate flooring.

Also, do not forget the richness of ceramic tiles. Put these choices together from so many choices available at good stores and for every room in your home you can express your unique ideas express and your personal style against the ageless backdrop of a beautiful wood floor.

Building Your Base – Wood Floors

When most people think about the structure of their home, they think about their walls. But really your rooms have 6 surfaces, 4 walls, the ceiling and the floor. Everyone thinks about the walls, but people are the most unwilling to change anything about their floors. Truth be told, it can be messy, it can take time and it does require moving a considerable amount of furniture. But here is the other side of that truth – IT IS WORTH IT! The extra time and thought you put into your floors is one of the details that create a luxurious home.


I love wood floors. I love everything that you can do with the floors and how they are finished. I do not hold much love for laminate flooring, although it does have its purpose. To me, it just lacks the sound, heft and warmth of wood floors. Then there are the repair issues. I’ve actually come around to the use of engineered flooring and the benefits of a pre-finished floor. Remember the mess I was talking about, these products so greatly reduces the mess, it is quite amazing.http://www.seease.infoFor a good amount of time, the “hand scraped” look has been very popular, but it seems to be shifting. When considering wood floors, take a look at bamboo. In the last year or so, the color ways available in bamboo have expanded to blonde, carbonized (honey) and even the ever popular dark brown. You can also get this product in a horizontal grain, where you have wider strips of bamboo and can see the bamboo knuckles; or a vertical grain, which has smaller strips engineered together

Another idea for wood floors, especially existing ones, is to add a painted treatment to them. Such a technique could be done with paint, or even a slightly different tinted finish. Painted wood floors is nothing new, but we often think of it being used in more country or beach settings, but I think this technique can even be applied in more modern interiors as well. In my head, I can see a small/med/large stripe that adds the most subtle pattern and motion to the floor. But imagine the pattern as a Greek key, or modified trellis – really you could have too much fun with this.http://www.seease.infoThe last thing to keep in mind is that wood floors don’t have to be run straight. Pattern works just as well, parquet has been popular for a very long time. Just think of a new way to achieve the look. Even for a modern interior, imagine larger scale parquet.

Don’t be afraid to use the details to set your house apart from others. If you plan on staying in your home a while, then the investment is one you will enjoy and will add value to your home in the future. For more information or fabulous ideas on what can be done to wood floors go to the National Wood Flooring Association.